7 Tips to Survive the Instagram Auction

We know how crazy @auctionhunnis can get. From forgetting to bid, to not knowing how something fits, – it can get a lot harder than initially expected. So, we thought we’d lend our Hunnis a helping hand and share some advice on how to survive the Instagram auction! To find out 7 helpful hints, read on & get ready to bid!

1. Turn on those post notifications!

If you’re an avid bidder and or are really wanting to get that pair of sunnies you saw, we strongly recommend turning on “Post Notifications” for the @auctionhunnis account. This way, you won’t miss a post and will be notified when each bid-worthy piece becomes available! The Instagram help centre has a helpful walkthrough on how to go about doing this here

2. Come in to the shop & try on

We want you to not just like the pieces you buy via Auction Hunni’s – we want you to LOVE them! To make sure of this, we’re more than happy to have you stop by the shop to try such things on prior to you placing your last bid. So, the next time you bid on a dress or top that you’re unsure how it’ll fit,  pop by Hunni’s during open hours and we’ll happily accommodate you!

3. Set an alarm

No matter what the week, we always have a Hunni come in and say how they forgot to bid at the last minute on a particular item they were eyeing up. Our advice? Set up an alarm on your phone that goes off 5-10 minutes before bidding ends for the night. You’ll be thankful you did.

4. Item didn’t fit? Message other bidders

It happens. Those pair of shoes just didn’t go with that outfit or those shorts didn’t end up fitting like you had hoped. While all auction items are final sale, you are more than welcome to reach out to previous bidders and see if they are interested in matching your bid.  We just ask you direct message them on Instagram instead of commenting on the auction photo as way to keep your conversation private!

5. Deadlines

We do ask that you contact us if you won’t be in to the shop to pick up your auction item within a week of bidding but we do actually hold on to all items for a bit before they go back into circulation. We hold on to items for a max 3 weeks before they go up for bidding again so don’t stress if you don’t come by the very next day. Just call!

6. Instagram Auction & Facebook Auction ARE different!

While they are both auctions, they do run slightly differently due to them being separate media platforms. For example, the closing time for Instagram is 6:28:59 while the closing time on Facebook is 6:29:59. Bid accordingly, Hunnis!

7. Don’t forget ID!

We do have to verify each bidder so be sure to have your phone on you when you pop by so we can check your Instagram username! If for some reason, you are not picking up your item (e.g. your friend is picking up your pieces), please call and let us know otherwise we won’t be able to ring it through.

If you aren’t already following @auctionhunnis on Instagram, head here to start! Auction starts every Tuesday at 6:30PM! Happy bidding Hunnis!


– The Hunni’s

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