6 Tips to Survive the Facebook Auction

Last week, we shared 7 tips on how to make the most of your Instagram auction experience. This time around, we’re sharing 6 more helpful hints for surviving the Facebook auction! Read on to see how the two differentiate and to learn a few tips and tricks!

1. Receiving alerts

Aside from liking the Facebook auction page and receiving notifications, we recommend commenting with a “*” on the posts you want to follow. By doing this, you’ll receive a notification anytime someone else comments/bids on that exact photo. No timer needed!

2. Auction closes at 6:29:59PM NOT 6:28:59

Due to time stamp differences between the two platforms, our Facebook auction ends at 6:29:59 and not 6:28:59 (closing time for the Instagram auction). In other words, any bid on the Facebook page with the time stamp of “6:30” will not be considered.

3. Different auction, different items

The Facebook auction page posts completely different items than that of the Instagram auction. While there may be some overlap from time to time, the majority of the pieces seen on the Facebook, are not on the Instagram. For this reason, it’s important to follow both so you don’t miss out!

4. We’ve condensed the auction into 1 day!

If you’ve been following the Facebook auction since the beginning, you know that we started posting 10 items on Sunday evening and 10 more on Monday evening. This has changed! We have since decided to condense the auction to one day. So, 20 pieces (sometimes more) will go up on Monday evenings and you will have until 6:29:59PM on Tuesday to bid!

5. Different form of I.D. required for pickup

For the Instagram auction, we need to see our Instagram profile. For Facebook, we need to see a standard piece of I.D. that displays your full name. This is due to the fact that on Instagram, people have usernames that one makes up while Facebook uses your first and last name.

6. Auction item posts are scheduled

Facebook has the feature of scheduling pictures/texts/videos at a later date and time. With 20 items going up every Monday evening, we take full advantage of this and schedule the auction ahead of time. So, the best way to tell if something is current, seek out the “This week’s auction is now closed” photo after the auction posts. If there is no “now closed photo” at the top of the feed, then the items are still open for bidding!

If you haven’t already liked the Facebook page, you can here! The Facebook auction goes live TONIGHT at 6:30PM! Happy bidding, Hunnis!


– The Hunni’s

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