Guest Post by Creative Wife & Joyful Worker: 5 Tips to Successfully Shop Maternity at your Favorite Boutique

Pretty much as soon as that baby belly starts making an appearance, it starts getting harder to find clothes within your closet that makes you feel comfortable and confident. With each pregnancy, I have to revisit my closet and see what is going to work and what isn’t going to work. This time around, I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on maternity clothes that I knew I wasn’t going to ever wear post-baby. I have been paying attention to a number of things while shopping pregnant and am so excited to share my top 5 tips to shopping maternity successfully without actually buying maternity! Read on to see my helpful hints!

5 Tips for Shopping Maternity

1. Know Your Style

First things first, know what you typically like and don’t like as well as what is generally flattering on you and what isn’t. My first time maternity shopping, I came home and a few days later I looked at a couple of the pieces and thought to myself, I would never buy this if I wasn’t pregnant. This is what I love about being able to still shop at your favourite stores, like Hunni’s, you know you already like their style so stick with that!

2. Test The Stretch

I am no pro at determining what kind of fabric is what but it is pretty easy to tell if a fabric contains even the slightest bit of spandex. Test the clothes you are drawn to and see how much stretch they have. When I was looking for an outfit at Hunni’s recently, one of the first things I did was give the material a little tug. Yes you are shopping for your belly now, but it will be growing and you want to get the most out of these clothes. A lightweight soft stretchy material will be your number one bet and that is exactly what I found in the featured black dress in the photos.

3. Texture & Ruching

If you want to show off the curves and bring attention to the bump, looking for tops or dresses that have ruching or a waist line right under your bust are an excellent option. This added texture will gracefully move around your baby belly and highlight you bump delightfully. The textured cardigan also adds some flare and keeps me going back to point number one and helps to stick with my original style.

4. Layers 

I am all about the double layers! Mixing up a tighter fitting shirt with a cardigan or unbuttoned button-up is always a great way to feel comfortable to show off the bump but yet have it a bit hidden with the second layer. Purchasing button-ups in your normal size and then wearing them unbuttoned with a shirt underneath is a great way to get unique clothes for maternity that will still be stylish for you after, fitting you then both buttoned and not.


5. Shoes That Breathe

Comfortable shoes can be one of the hardest things to shop for when pregnant. If it is your first pregnancy, you really don’t know if your feet will swell and if they do, by how much? With a summer baby, I am pretty much leaning towards the fact that they will swell. When browsing Hunni’s, I noticed that they had a number of shoes that were great for this factor. Shoes with breathing room around the ankles and sandals that lace up or have adjustable straps are a smart way to go for when the feet swell during the last few months. The best part is you can still wear them after baby when they go back to normal.

Thanks so much for reading up on my tips for shopping at your favorite boutique while pregnant. I would love to hear what you took away from this post or even some of your own tips for shopping at non-maternity stores for your bump! Leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping!

XO Codi Lynn // Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

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