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If you’ve ever shopped in-store at Hunni’s, there is a good chance you ran into the two twin sisters behind it all once or twice. Yes, twins! When they’re not in-store, Christi and Danielle (or C & D to friends) are keeping up with their little ones or on a buying trip finding one-of-a-kind pieces for the shop. Read on after the jump to find out what trends they’re loving and what’s next for Hunni’s!

How is it working with your sister? 

D: She is my best friend and partner that finishes my sentences. She knows how to press my buttons and knows exactly what to say to calm me down. We feel pretty darn lucky to have each other through all the little and big excursions that has made Hunni’s what it is today.

C: It’s definitely the biggest highlight of my job. She pushes me to be better in all aspects of life. I’ve met other sisters and feel so lucky to be able to work so closely with my ‘twinster’ that I grew up beside. We make each other laugh on a daily basis and having that infectious positive energy is amazing.

Tell us one thing about each other that your Hunni customers may not know

C: Danielle and I are mirror image twins. She does everything with the right side of her body and I do everything with my left. When we were around 7-8 years old, we both randomly started talking with New York accents and when we were even younger, we had our own language.

D: We are the youngest of four girls and are mirror image twins so Christi does everything with her left side & I do everything with my right. We are extremely competitive with each other – especially in sports! She’s pretty good… for a lefty.

Being a full-time mom while owning and running a business isn’t an easy task. How do you juggle it all?

C: I took juggling lessons as a kid and that didn’t work out so I’ve learned that with a mix of chaos and organization, it all seems to come together in the business world. Being a small business owner, your job never stops. Finding the time for important school dates, sport events, and family makes it all worth while. Our parents set a great example of keeping busy so I sort of adapted that mindset to the business.

D: Being a working mom isn’t easy. Running your own business means there’s no such thing as a day off but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It keeps life interesting and full of surprises. One day we will look back and ask ourselves how we did it. The same way we ask our Mother how she had twins. You just do it.

How would you define each of your personal styles?

D: We have similar taste most of the time but some times we are polar opposites. I would describe Christi’s style as boho-casual and mine as boho-glam. West coast style seems to be dependant on our unpredictable weather so we really need to pay attention to what’s selling and stay on top of the latest trends by using Pinterest & Instagram. It’s a great way to find new local artist and style inspiration.

C: I’m casual and she’s dressy. It makes for a fun mix of items at the shop and between the two of us, we seem to provide the right selection for all our Hunni customers. Danielle has a classic timeless style to her which regardless of the season, shines through. I’m more on the relaxed side but like to push the limits when it comes to following what’s trending in the fashion world.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs that are thinking about or are just starting their own business? 

C: It’s more hard work than you can ever imagine. Especially when you are starting from scratch. Overall, having an unwavering belief in yourself and ability to succeed will get you the farthest. Customer service should always be your #1 focus which works to create a word of mouth and repeat customers.

D: My word of advice to anyone that wants to start a business is to just start. It’s amazing what you can accomplish by writing your business goals down and working towards your dreams. Hunni’s started with two local sisters that were passionate about clothing and good people. It didn’t happen overnight but today with social media at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit.

What is your go-to piece this summer? 

D: My go-to for this summer are flowy, floral dresses and anything that’s off the shoulder. I will definitely be living in denim shorts and tops with open back details. Plus pretty bralettes! Bring on the sun!

C: With this amazing weather we’ve been having, staying cool is key. Lace up tops and shoes are trending along with pieces in shades of pink and blue. My closet is filled with dresses and kimonos that work great for hot summer days.

Thanks for reading and getting to know us a little better! If you have any other questions you’d like to ask, post them below in the comments!


– The Hunni’s

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