Weekend Away Essentials

There’s nothing more exciting then being able to get away for a couple days, but the stressful part is what to pack for those days. Especially when it’s last minute, or you’re not sure what outfits you’re going to need depending on weather or certain events. The best way to get rid of that worry is to put together a list of essentials so that any time an adventure weekend comes up you can grab your stuff and go.

Start with having a duffle bag and backpack that are reliable. When choosing clothing, avoid patterned or brightly coloured apparel that is hard to match with. Stick to neutral colours, basic tees and tanks, and black or blue bottoms. For layering, be sure to pack your favourite flannel, hoodie, and rain jacket. For the morning, have a hat or toque so that you stay trendy and you don’t have to worry about your hair. Plan your shoes based on your destination, but pick ones that also go well with most outfits such as black sandals, small boots, or your favourite grab and go shoes (our favourites being our Native and People Footwear). As long as you have those key pieces, you can head straight from work to wherever your journey takes you!

Here’s to the perfect getaway!

– Hunni’s

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