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One of the questions we get asked most is how we take our photos. While we do take a lot of our shots on a DSLR, nothing beats the convenience of the trusty phone camera. Because of that, we thought we’d share some of our go to techniques we use to get a great shot with our iPhone.

1. Turn on the grid

By going in to your camera’s settings you should be able to enable your camera’s grid feature. This will you help make sure your horizon and other details of your photo are level and lined up. This brings us to our second tip…


2. Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a commonly used technique in photography. The theory suggests that by splitting up your photo in to 9 squares (as done by the grid feature) and aligning your points of interests along those lines, your shot will be more balanced and appeasing to the eye.

3. Use the burst option

Trying to capture the perfect moving moment? Hold your finger down on the shutter button and take a burst of photos, then go through them to pick out the best one.

4. Tap to focus

Tap on the subject of you shot that you would like to be in focus. Better yet, if you hold down on your subject you will enable AF/AE lock, also known as auto focus and auto exposure lock. Now, no matter where you move your camera, it will maintain the exposure and focus settings you locked in

5. Avoid the zoom

Move those feet! The quality of your shot will be better if you physically get closer to it.

6. Find your photo editor(s)

Different photo editing apps can do different things – find the one (or ones) that work for you! Hunni’s go to editing app is VSCO. We love it for the beautiful filters and sharpening tools.

7. Take tons!

Perhaps the best advice we can give is to just keep shooting! Capture anything and everything! The more you take, the better you will become. Your eyes will start to notice different aspects of composition. Don’t forget to have fun!

Here’s to capturing the perfect moment,



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  1. Very nice photos and it has a lot of ideas I get from this article, so nice to know that their so much more to do in the iPhone’s. Thank you for sharing the tips and tricks you post.

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