Transitional Outfit Tips – Winter to Spring

Although we relinquish the flirtations of the long-awaited sun, we’re confronted with the difficult transition of the early spring climate. Despite the heat from the clear skies and morning rays, the winter chills persist, making styling seem like a compromise. Early mornings and late nights reveal the revival of cold weather, yet that alcove of sunlight during the most active hours of the day give us hope for warmer days! This is why I have accumulated three favourite ways to prolong the value of winter pieces, as well as incorporate the flowy and flattering characteristics that define spring!

Dresses and turtlenecks:

Just because the sun is out does not mean we must sacrifice our trusty turtlenecks! Turtlenecks add a touch of class to any look and are an easy way to add a layer of warmth to a strappy dress. The strappy dress and high neck combo is one of my favourite spring trends to fall into the spotlight this year. The best part: it can be adjusted to the climate by switching between breathable and knitted materials!

Get the look: Dress,

Some tips when styling the turtleneck/dress look:

  1. Avoid chunky turtlenecks with body con dresses, instead, try a loose shift dress or baby doll cut. A fitted turtleneck would be the best choice for a form fitting ensemble
  2. Go for a V-neck, heart shaped, or low round neck to add femininity, don’t worry, the turtleneck will keep you covered!
  3. The thinner straps, the better. Of course, there can be exceptions to this tip, but I would recommend staying within 1 ½ inches to avoid overbearing sleeves


Throw on a cardigan

Cardigans are a great year-round piece, they’re easy to style, and if you want rid of it, just stuff it in your bag! I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you cardigans will be your saviour during transition seasons, but I’m still going to because it’s a wardrobe staple.

I would recommend a light long cardigan for a seamless transition between the dress and the cover-up. Avoid short cardigans with midi or maxi dresses as they tend to add a harsh line right in the middle of the dress. Longer cardigans that reach the knee, or cropped at the waist break up the outfit flawlessly.


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Class up your look with a structured coat

March winds and April showers, make way for sweet May flowers. Unfortunately, we are still in the wind and showers period. Which is why I included this perfect rainy day look! When water is falling from the sky, we’re going to want to pull together a more form fitting look to avoid as much rain as possible from getting back to us. A tank top under a structured coat is a great way to look put together on a grey afternoon. Pull on some comfortable jeans, and you’re good to go! My neck felt a little bare, so I threw on a satin cotton candy coloured bow choker to add a pop of colour.

Get the look: Jackettankleggingschoker

These looks have a lot of variability, there’s not too much you can’t switch up with the right piece! My best tip is to remember that, “Art is anything you can get away with” (Marshall McLuhan), so mix it up and have fun with it!


-Gabby: Sales Associate, Hunni’s Coquitlam

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