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We are almost a month into spring and yet you look out the window and see nothing but rain, clouds and grey, lots and lots of grey. I have been dying to bring back all of my cute summer dresses, and of course buy all the new ones coming out in our spring lines at the shop, so of course I booked a sunny vacation. There is no better feeling than jetting off somewhere warm while its pouring rain and the temperature is still in the single didgets at home. That being said, I think I may have gone a little overboard with my shopping and now have to fit everything into my suitcase. Below are my top tips for packing all of your favourite outfits and travel essentials while still staying organized and under that pesky weight limit.


1 – Shoes

Shoes are without a doubt one of the heaviest items you have to pack, but it can be difficult to narrow down which shoes you want to bring. Shoes are one of those items that make or break an outfit and you don’t want to arrive to your destination and realize your shoes don’t go with half of what you planned to wear.

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I try to limit myself to three pairs of shoes: one casual, one dressy and one pair of sneakers (I can’t go anywhere without them.) The two best things to consider when packing shoes for a trip is colour and comfort. Choose shoes that are neutral in colour so they will go with all of your outfits. Comfort is key so make sure the shoes you choose will get you through a long day of exploring, you don’t want your adventures to be cut short because of sore feet.

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Expert tip: These people sandals are super light and will definitely help keep you under the baggage weight limit.


2 – Sun Protection

Nothing ruins a vacation like a sun burn, I am not one of the lucky people who doesn’t burn and I have learnt this lesson the hard way. There are so many ways to protect yourself from the sun, the most obvious of which is sunscreen, but in addition to that there are some more fashionable ways to stay out of the sun as well.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would never let you leave the house on a sunny day without a hat on? Well turns out she was right (as usual.) Hats are a perfect way to keep the sun off of your face, while adding a little something extra to your outfit. My personal favourite is the ball cap, but any hat will do the job.

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Expert tip: Stuff your hat with socks before putting it in your suit case, it helps save space as well as helps your hat to maintain its shape and not get crushed.

Another way to protect yourself from the sun while still staying fashionable is the one piece. One pieces are super on trend for this summer and are a great way to cover a little more skin.

3 – Bathing Suits

I am a serious bathing suit lover, and in addition to my beautiful one piece I will be packing many more bathing suits. There is nothing worse than getting ready to head to the beach and having to put on a damp bathing suit, so I think the more bathing suits the better.

Expert tip: Bring re-usable zip up plastic bags or even just a few ziplock bags to store wet bathing suits in for the trip home so the rest of you suitcase doesn’t get wet.

4 – Pouches

When it comes to having an organized suit case, or even a carry on, little baggies and pouches are key. Whether you are using them for cosmetics, electronics or jewelry, they will help keep all your belongings from getting lost in your suit case and make them more accessible.

Expert tip: Before putting liquid cosmetics in a pouch seal them with a zip lock bag by putting it over the opening and screwing the lid on over top. This helps to avoid any explosions that could create a big mess.

Be sure to check back on Instagram at @shophunnis for photos of my trip and how I wore all of these items. And share your favourite travel tips in the comments below!

-Tara Hunnis Langley Store Manager



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