The Two Colour Palette


The French do it best when it comes to minimalist fashion and lately I’ve found endless inspiration from Parisian style. Parisian chic is known for its many rules, so I will only touch on a few aspects of the genre, notably the two colour palette. Summer is littered with loud colours and eccentric prints, however, for a more clean and sophisticated look, one need look no further than the French. The rule is what it suggests, one must wear no more than two colours at a time, an exception being for blue jeans. Additionally, invest more into key re-combinable pieces that adhere to your body type, rather than multiple statement looks (unless of course it is something you know you are going to wear often). As I am not French, nor do I like being limited in my outfits, I have relaxed the rules to address a western demographic.

In this first look I paired a blue and white stripped crop, with some loose fitted trousers of the same colour. In this case I considered my blue trousers as my plus one to the otherwise black and white look. When it comes to jewelry, Parisan women do not mix materials, they tend to own either all gold or all silver. In order to test which colour is for you, simply hold up a piece of gold jewelry, and a piece of silver jewelry up to your face. One of the materials will noticeably make your skin glow, and harmonize with your skin tone. This is mainly due to the presence or absence of warm or cool tones within your skin.

Tank – Sweet Flutter

Sweater – Modesto

Pants – Mount Rushmore Pant

Shoes – Reward

            In this next look I opted for an elegant white blouse, an everyday staple. This is a piece that can be recombined to make multiple outfits, including with the previous outfit to change up the look entirely. Parisian chic features mostly neutral tones, which is why I paired the blouse with a coffee coloured jumper.

 Overalls – Sasha 

Shoes – Palmer

            The French are the pioneers of elegant and sophisticated fashion, and the simplicity of it makes it all the better. If you’re interested in Parisian chic as I am, be sure to check out YouTuber, Justine Leconte who is my main source of information. Take these tips as guidelines, rather than rules, your style is your own. Be an active mine in an open field, unleashing your potential on your surroundings, despite whether it asks for it or not.


– Gabby, Hunni’s Coquitlam

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