Trends to Keep an Eye on This Summer


Warm rays slip through the windowpanes, which have been perched at the threshold of not-quite-closed, in hopes of being awoken by natural daylight since our first flirtation with the sun. In honour of the beginning of summer, I have assembled a list of a few of my favourite trends to show you how I would style these must-have pieces. Since I tend to lean to the girlier side of the fashion spectrum, many of these trends accentuate femininity, yet are careful not to sacrifice sophistication.


  1. Bell Sleeves

Feminine and girly, the bell sleeves are a reimagination of Victorian era looks. The Victorian era styled their nobility with class and femininity in mind. Therefore, the bell sleeves we see today invite us to associate their historic quality to its current day wearer. Incorporating bell sleeves into your outfit is a sure-fire way to add a touch of nostalgic quality and a sense of casual sophistication.


  1. Ruffles

A cousin of the bell sleeve, ruffles have not died out since their emergence in the fashion scene. This subtle detail, which can be frequently found on dolls, transfers meaning from the piece to the wearer to suggest the wearer emanates doll-like characteristics. Since a ruffled collar adds effortless dimension to the outfit, transforming a basic into a statement piece, you won’t find many people wearing it despite its lasting prominence. Opting for a ruffled item therefore suggests you are more adventurous with your style choices, without being too bold as to invest in an audacious piece.


  1. Floral/Maxi Dress

Not until recently have I begun to embraced loud prints. Floral prints are a great transition for those who want to try out the neglected trend, but don’t want to be so bold as to purchase something you would never wear. I opted for a floral maxi dress, maxi dresses being another emerging hit for the season. Maxi dresses accentuate the appearance of height by cutting off the torso, masking the ability to determine the end of the torso, and the beginning of legs.

Dress – Ready to Be Found Dress


  1. Dungarees

Dungarees or “overalls” are probably one of my favourite trends to emerge for the summer. As opposed to the last two, dungarees have more of a relaxed feel paired with a basic tee, but can be dressed up depending on texture, colour, and style. Since dungarees have a more vintage style quality to them, I fashioned a more casual look, pairing a vintage-style t-shirt with some all black denim dungarees. However, if you prefer a more elegant look, you can swap out the t-shirt for something frillier or highly detailed, for example.

Dunargees – Sweetness


When a trend is introduced, it may never die. Trends are recycled throughout eras, depending on the social and cultural standard at a specific point in time. However, even as the embers of your favourite trend diminish from popular culture, status is no longer defined by style, and you can craft your own style niche without ever needing to toss away your pieces just because you don’t see it on the streets. Whether you choose to follow them or not, trends can be used as a guideline to look effortlessly fashionable. We have been gifted with a plethora of summer trends this year, and in 2017, we can wear whatever we want.


Gabby Chia,

Hunni’s Coquitlam

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