Wedding season

If I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve never actually attended a wedding. However, after all my years working retail and helping countless women find outfits for different wedding related events, I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the wedding wear department. Going to a wedding doesn’t mean you need just one dress for the ceremony anymore, depending on your relationship to the bride you may need to attend multiple pre wedding events, all of which need a different outfit. This in itself can be a challenge not to mention all the different rules around what you can and cannot wear to a wedding. With wedding season hitting the shop in full force I thought I would give you a rundown of all our wedding appropriate pieces to make that last minute scramble for an outfit that much easier.


Bridal Shower:

Now, as a wedding rookie I’ve obviously never been to a bridal shower, but from what I’ve observed it’s usually the PG version of the bachelorette party and quite often includes some sort of girly activity mixed with wine and food. I find when people come in looking for a bridal shower outfit they are looking for something feminine and girly. Depending on what the activity is your outfit may vary so I’ve included a couple of different outfit options below.


Dock-9454Greta Dress Ivory + Cass Slides

Presley top + Monaco shorts white



Now I don’t know about you but from my perspective (granted I’m basing this off Hollywood portrayals) the bachelorette party looks like the best event of them all. You are definitely going to want something fun and flirty for a girls night (or even weekend) on the town.

My favourite is this t-shirt dress. It takes a little black dress to a whole new level while incorporating one of my favourite summer trends, embroidery. Pair it with your favourite heels (or even sneakers) and you will have the perfect night out look.

Copenhagen Dress + Cass Slides 

Another one of my favourites is the midi dress; the best part about this one is its versatility. Its form-fitting silhouette gives it that sexy girls night out vibe but the casual style of the fabric makes it perfect for a more casual afternoon event as well.  It also comes in an adorable pink colour!

Great News Dress



Now for the actual wedding, the biggest event of them all. Depending on how well you know the bride and groom you may be forced to be in countless pictures meaning your outfit will be remembered for years to come… no pressure. I personally am not a big fan of all the various wedding attire rules but I will say, across the board, no one wants to be the person wearing a white dress to a wedding. I’ve selected a few colourful dresses to avoid any wedding faux pas, my favourite is this beautiful blue patterned wrap dress. It would be perfect for a more casual beach wedding as well as dressed up with some heels for a more formal event.

Chelan Dress

I’ve also included this beautiful patterned maxi dress. This is the perfect option for a fancier wedding and will make sure you stand out amongst all the other wedding guests.

Bright Love Dress


Wishing all of you the best of luck with your busy wedding season! If you have any wedding wear tips and tricks let us know in the comments!


Tara McCulloch, Store Manager Hunnis Langley

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