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The forthcoming of the study season leaves a bittersweet taste for those of us who had little time to relish in late completion of heavy deadlines. Though, going back to school is almost a relief, in the bleak sense of routine comfort. One of the major advantages, however, is the year’s coziest fashion!After months of stacking up on overcoats and turtlenecks, it’s nearly time to put them to use.

I just so happen to go to school on a mountain, therefore, it tends to lean towards the blue. If you’re as excited as I am for the autumn, grab your knits and a cuppa joe to celebrate the change of seasons.


Sweater – Braided Beaty

Boots – Nero

            The sweater dress concept is both easily styled and effortlessly cozy. This combination is ideal for those early morning classes that fail to stimulate your motivation to get ready. If you’re looking to pursue a more chic or put together vibe, opt for cable knit detailing. Cable knit increases the visible quality of the outfit with it’s subtle texture that one might fail to note when looking to recreate this trend. Switch it up with some long socks and thigh high boots for the chillier days.

Outfit #1: Idlewood Hat, Melody Jacket, Colwood Pants, Narnia Sneakers,

Outfit #2: Wander Crew, Glow Jacket, Cindy Legging, Ariel Sneakers

            If you lean towards a sportier style, pop on a baseball cap and call it day. Casual-wear can be dressed up with some simple layering. Pile up on loose fitted trousers and hoodies, then clean it up by throwing on a jacket. This is the look that best pairs with your I-slept-in-this-and-can’t-bear-to-remove-it hoodie that may or may not have been sitting on your floor all week until this moment.


Red Plaid – Eldridge

Camo Jacket – Blaire Cargo Jacket

Top(s) – Aster

Short(s) – Wendy Shorts

Flats – Tuxedo

Boots – Prenton

            It’s difficult to walk down the halls of any youth dominated corridor without spotting a flickering of plaid or camo during the autumn glow. Picking up on a trendy piece can take your outfit up a notch from basic to stylish! The downfall to trendy jackets, however, is the need to differentiate it from your peers. Since the jacket is such an overbearing piece, avoid distracting from it with other loud prints. Instead, pair it with other previously popularized trends. For example, we paired this look with a Henley shirt and frayed hem bottoms giving the outfit those few extra details that distinguish it from an unembellished piece. These easy pieces can be complimented with either print without distracting from the meat of the message.

Top – Louise Off Shoulder

Boots – Nero

            Simple, yet classy, a black and white look is an easy way to class up your style. Of course, this is no news to anyone. The simplicity of a neutral manner is common knowledge. It provides a relatively blank slate where we can dress it up with more of a statement item. These floral embroidered boots are analogous to the neutral tones which, in turn, shift the attention to the boots without having to sacrifice the rest of the outfit.

Whether you’re here to learn or to grab your degree and go, there is no point in lingering around in a pair of sweatpants all year. Although, it admittedly will happen from time to time. Think of school as an opportunity to experiment with all your favourite outfits. This will get you more comfortable walking around in different styles! I’ve been through my fair share of style phases in my time growing up, which I’m sure we all have, so I have no problem trying out different looks! All too often I hear a comments along the lines of “I wish I could wear this”. Although I completely respect this point of view, I must emphasize the importance of experimentation in order to feel comfortable with your chosen niche (or niches)!



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