Statement Grey

If you have stopped by the shop recently you have most likely seen the newest addition to our jewelry cases, Statement Grey. We have been carrying Statement Grey for around a month now and our obsession with it is never ending.

Like many of our jewelry brands, Statement Grey is locally made and is carried throughout the lower mainland. Statement grey was founded by Molly, a Canadian designer and hairstylist. Her collection of beautiful, dainty pieces is inspired by Paris, simple and modern with a chic vibe. The brand aims to produce beautiful, high quality jewelry for an affordable price.

We couldn’t be more excited to have them in the shop and can’t wait to share a few of our favourite pieces with you.

First and foremost Statement grey has mastered minimalism, especially when it comes to their beautiful, dainty rings. Whether you are a fan of gold, silver or rose gold (or all three) there is definitely a ring style for everyone. We are a big fan of stacking their rings and making different combinations with their regular sized and midi rings.

Another stand out product from statement grey is their amazing range of earrings. Whether you are looking for something simple for every day wear or looking for a statement piece for a special occasion, they have you covered.


And lastly, the necklaces. Statement Grey seems to have a talent for pieces you can wear anytime, any place, with any outfit and their necklaces are no exception. Sweet, simple styles, with beautiful silver, gold or rose gold finishes, and even the occasional statement choker, complete any jewelry collection.


We definitely don’t like to play favourites around the shop but we might just have to make an exception for statement grey.

You can find the pieces pictured as well as many others in store at both our Langley & Coquitlam locations.


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