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If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know that I am a lover of all things athletic and street style inspired (how many more times can I tell you I like sneakers?) Not only do I love how this style looks I also love how functional and comfortable it is. I am a student, and if there are any other students out there I’m sure you can all agree that comfort is key when it comes to school attire. Combine all this together and we have today’s blog post; how to style athletic wear.

I’m going to start off with simplest and probably easiest outfit to style. I love this one because although it incorporates athletic inspired pieces it doesn’t look like you just stepped out of the gym. Leggings are the epitome of comfort and these ones by Dex allow you to be comfy while still looking like you put in the effort of wearing jeans. Pair them with your favourite ball cap (because who has time to do their hair these days?) and a bomber jacket for a little bit of extra edge and you’ve got your perfect day to day outfit.


Bomber – Atwood

Leggings – The Drive Leggings

Shirt – Memphis Blues Top

Shoes – Apollo Moc

This next outfit is one I would recommend saving for those coffee fuelled, sleep deprived days where you literally cannot be bothered with anything other than sweat pants. But hey, no one said sweat pants couldn’t be cute right? This matching sweat suit paired with a bright, pop of red will keep you cute and comfy all while saving you from having to enter the world in the same outfit you fell asleep in.

Sweater – Soft 2 The Touch Zipup

Top – Roll The Dice

Bottoms – Soft 2 Touch Jogger

Shoes – Apollo Moc

Now, I’m not going to pretend I frequent the gym, I’ll be honest… I don’t. However, I do appreciate a good work out legging like these burgundy leggings from Dex, they are super cute and the mesh panels give them a more intentional, styled look. This outfit is perfect for your post gym brunch sesh, or just about any of your daily errands.

Sweater – Baton Rouge Top

Leggings – Transparent Leggings

Shoes – Narnia

Don’t think I forgot about those of you who like to dress a little bit more on the girly side. Dressing with a street style, athletic look doesn’t mean you always have to be in hoodies and leggings, you can make it work with anything. I chose to pair this sweater dress with another one of my fave pieces, the leather jacket, and of course a pair of sneakers. This gives you a casual, athletic look while still being appropriate for a slightly less casual event than class or running errands.

Jacket – Easy Rider Jacket

Dress – Falling Leaf Sweater

Shoes – Monaco Low Canvas

And last, but certainly not least, my personal favourite of all the outfits. This is definitely a go to look of mine whether it be for school, work or just about anything I love the combination of sweats and a jean jacket. I think this look really achieves that classic street style aesthetic that is so popular these days.


Jacket – Glow Jacket

Top – Memphis Blues Top

Pants – Lace Up Joggers

Shoes – Narnia

Let us know what you’re favourite look is in the comments below!

Tara – Store Manager, Hunni’s Langley

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