Our Favourites of Fall


Vancouver has been a bit of a mystery this year, abandoning our Three Seasons of Rain agenda for prolonged winters, humid summers, and an almost nonexistent autumn. It seems as though the leaves had just begun to fall when the flurries of frozen rain decided they wanted to fall too. Luckily, fall fashion (the most wondrous and cozy styles of the year!) is made for such uncommitted weather.


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  1. Colours

Autumn is an intimate season. If I asked you to visualize autumn, what would you see? Perhaps you’re in the forest watching dancing beams of sun just barely peaking past the horizon in the middle of the afternoon. Or a cup of hot cocoa burning through the fabric of your sweater sleeves. The colours of autumn are determined through our experiences, and we replicate it in our clothing. Some autumnal colours to keep in mind: green, like the forest; yellow/tan, like sunbeams; rust/orange, like a fire; brown, like hot cocoa. If you want to dress for the season, visualize what you might like to do those months and inspire yourself with a nature palette!


SHOP: Scarf, Sweater, Plaid, Boots

  1. Accessories

If you’re like me and cannot be bothered to accessorize with different necklaces and rings all year, scarves and toques are a much more practical application. In the colder months I find accessorizing a much more doable task! If you’re not interested in branching out of the monochromatic comfort zone, you can still look put together by slinging on some extra knitted fabric.


SHOP: Scarf, Jacket, Toque, Boots

  1. Layers

For some, layering comes easy. They envision a potential outfit, and wear it. However, if you are in a creative rut, what I do to get over this is quite simple. In fact, I picked these outfits with this process, myself! First, walk around a store and pick up the pieces you want to build the outfit around. Then do a second walk and find items that have the same colours as the initial items you chose. After two items (the statement piece, and the complimentary piece), the rest of the outfit tends to fall together. Just keep adding layers until satisfied! Some little layering pieces to consider include: long socks, gloves, or an extra item of clothing to peak beneath the outfit (ie. An extra shirt, cardigan, etc.). This sounds like quite the process, and it is. Layering is admittedly trial and error until you figure out what works best for you! However, your time will be reimbursed with confidence and compliments, which is always worth a little effort.


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