LAPS BC: Meet our new furry friends

Visiting the Langley Animal Protection Society is always such a treat for us – of course it’s fun to play and cuddle with the animals and get to know a little of their personalities. With that being said, it’s always slightly heartbreaking to hear the stories of how & why each animal ended up at LAPS, from being found as strays to being given up by families, every animal has their own story. What each pet has in common is their desire to be loved and to find their forever homes. If you’re interested in any of the animals below please give LAPS a call at 604.857.5055 and maybe you can bring home a new furry friend this holiday season!

These two are the cutest pair – Adele (orange) and Emmett (black & white) are both a little timid but very loving once you give them a second to warm up. They’ve come to have a special bond while being at LAPS that is simply adorable. The two were a part when we first entered the room but when Emmett jumped to Adele’s side she immediately lit up and started licking him. They don’t need to be adopted as a pair, but I’m sure they’d be happy if they were!


Sweater, Boots

Meet Ruger! At around 6 months old he’s still got all that puppy pep. He’s partially blind but definitely doesn’t let that slow him down, not to mention he has the coolest looking eyes because of it. This sweet boy will bring so much joy into someone’s home (it was honestly hard not to want to adopt him myself).



Pierce suits his handsome name to a T. He’s quite new to LAPS and was very timid at first, but after some pets he kept coming back for more. This boy is as charming as he is good looking… a real lady’s man if you ask me!



Offred was a little harder to warm up to than the other cats, but with patience and love she’ll really become your best pal. On top of that, she’s extremely soft and has beautiful markings – we love her little moustache!

This sweet old girl simply stole our hearts. Dijon is about 14 years old but hasn’t lost any of her spunk. She’s free willed, fun loving & loves rolling around in the grass. She’s in need of some dental work which LAPS is trying to fundraise for before she’s ready to find her forever home.


Sweater, Jeans

We understand that adopting a pet is a big responsibility & commitment. If you’e not ready for a pet in your life at this moment but would still like to help the LAPS community in some way, give them a call at 604.857.5055 or visit their website for donation options and to learn how to get involved.

Wishing you all a very snuggly holiday season!

Nicole, Social Media Coordinator

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