Whats Trending? Winter 2018

Although we may not have attended any runway shows this season that doesn’t mean we can’t stay up on the trends. We love admiring runway fashion but it can be so hard to tackle high fashion trends in everyday life. Through lots of trial and error we have found a few ways to keep on trend without breaking the bank and without compromising personal style. To make it easier to navigate the world of fashion trends this season we’ve put together some of our favourite runway looks for Winter 2018 paired with examples of how to make them wearable. Let us know what you think and tell us your favourite 2018 trend so far in the comments below!

Leopard Print

(Michael Kors)                                                              (Mariko)

Work Wear:

       (Calvin Klien)                                                              (Eternity Plaid)

Coloured Fur:

(Prada)                                                                         (Fur Keeps)

Double Denim:

     (Dior)                                                                 (Ozark Jacket)

Folk inspired:



(Alexander McQueen)                             (Entangle Lace Dress)


– Tara , Manager, Hunnis Langley

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