Neutralizing Patterns

We tend to fall into the trap of basics, focusing on the simple and recombinable, rather than the statement. Our gravitation to items that are easy to throw on, are not made without merit, they timeless and neutral, leaving little doubt for its wear-ability. However, we’ve all had those moments when we find an outrageous or slightly out of our comfort zone piece that is that encourages a similar gravitation, but we pass on it thinking we could never style it. This is why I’ve decided show you a few ways that you can.


Boho Chic Skirt

Gia Top
Many believe a “statement” piece requires extravagance or loud colours, however, it is possible to draw attention to certain articles of clothing with minimal patterns, such as stripes. This classic pattern fails to fade into the irrelevance of fads, guaranteeing the longevity of its wear-time. Stripes on any article of clothing is easily recombinable while maintaining the potential to create individualistic looks! For example, the pattern can create a slimming and lengthening appearance when printed vertical, transform an outfit into an idealized visualization of retro styles with pastel or muted colours, or amp up professionalism with pinstripes. For this look, I went for a more simple and casual look that simultaneously takes you a step out of the crowd. This is a look that draws attention without putting you under the spotlight.

Simply Easy Pant

Solid Keepin On Top

This next one I don’t know what to refer to, so “speckled” is the closest I will get. For this one, I styled these monochromatic speckled pants with another muted tone as to not distract from the print. For interesting or unconventional patterns, it’s generally a no-fail method to let the loud print do the talking and leave the rest of the outfit as a directive to the main talking piece. In other words, keep it neutral everywhere else as to not distract from the main item. However, this does not mean you must tone it down entirely, I decided to keep things interesting with a keyhole top.

Florence Pant

Dream Weave Top

A common pattern you will see hitting the shelves the next couple months is the spring standard: floral. Although we tend not to notice the signs of life for our flora until the later months of May and June, we see it on the street by passersby’s and can’t help but fall under the influence of the spring spirit. Floral patterns are like seasonal stripes, they have resisted the test of time, but only come fully into fruition in the warmer months. Since we have once again found ourselves in those times, we are bound to see it painting the streets. I chose a subtler pattern for those venturing into the world of prints. This embroidered back detail allows you to incorporate the floral without sacrificing the look of minimalism.
-Gabby, Sales Associate, Hunnis Coquitlam

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