A Guide To Festival Season

Aside from the obvious reasons for attending a music festival this summer, such as seeing your favourite artists perform live or spending the weekend dancing beneath the sunshine, one our favourite parts of festival season is of course, the outfits and style. In the world of music festivals, anything goes when it comes to fashion. This can be quite a daunting thought for many, but don’t worry Hunnis, that’s why we’re here! Every April festival season is kicked off at one of the world’s most popular and widely celebrated music festivals, Coachella. With weekend one behind us and weekend two only a few more days away, we thought it would be the perfect time to compile a guide on everything you need to know about this upcoming festival season.

Our Festival Recommendations:

As the lineups begin to be released and tickets start to go on sale, you might be struggling to decide which festival you want to attend this summer. Here’s some of our favourites that we think will fulfill all of your festival dreams while remaining (somewhat) affordable and close to home:


Bumbershoot is a music and arts festival that is held every year on Labour Day weekend right in the heart of Seattle, Washington. For those of us living in Vancouver and its surrounding areas, this is great option as not only is it within driving distance, but they also deliver a lineup similar to that of all the other major music festivals that happen every year.

Sasquatch Festival

Sasquatch is another festival that takes place in Washington State, this one being at the Gorge Amphitheater (named one of the most scenic music venues by The Wall Street Journal). This festival takes place over Memorial Day weekend and presents artists from various different genres as well as from various different places across the world. If you’re looking for a weekend filled with fun people, great music and an even better view then this is most definitely the festival for you. 

Skookum Festival

Skookum festival will be making its debut this summer in Stanley Park on the weekend of September 7th, 8th & 9th. Not only is this festival located right in one of the most beautiful spots of Vancouver,  it also has a lineup that perfectly blends new, up and coming artists with longtime favourites such as The Killers and Florence and the Machine.


Looking to travel more than a few hours out of Vancouver and make a full trip out of your festival experience? Osheaga, located right outside the city centre of Montreal, is arguably Canada’s largest music and arts festival and works as the perfect little summer getaway and festival experience all in one. This year they have curated an impressive lineup with artists ranging from the Arctic Monkeys and Blondie to Post Malone and Dua Lipa. If you’re thinking of attending Osheaga this summer, you also have the perfect excuse to take a little extra time off and explore the beautiful city of Montreal.

Our Festival Essentials:

A Good Bag

When attending a festival, having a good bag is a necessity. We know that at times it can be hard to find a bag that will be cute and functional at the same time but don’t worry Hunnis, we’ve got you covered:

Colab Harlow Backpack (Available In Store Only)


Photos Via Co-lab 

You can never go wrong with a backpack for a festival, and this one in particular is perfect for carrying around and extra sweater, portable charger and all of those other little things you’ll be needing throughout the day!


Colab Soho Circle Cross-body (Available In Store Only)


If you don’t want to carry around a backpack all day and only have a few small things to bring with you, then this is definitely the bag for you!

A Cute & Protective Hat

When you plan on being out in the sun all day, a hat can be a super important item to carry with you. Heat stroke and a burnt head are two ways in which your weekend can be ruined super quickly, but luckily, by simply incorporating a cute hat into our outfits we can easily avoid them both. Here’s one of our favourite hats that is sure to look great with your festival outfit while also keeping you safe from all of those harsh UV rays:


Wander Free Hat


Closed Toe Shoes

Let’s be real for a second, after dancing and standing for three days straight your feet are going to hurt no matter what kind of shoes you wear. That being said, by wearing closed toe shoes you can at least save your toes from being stepped on as you dance in the middle of all those large crowds. Summer is definitely the hardest time of year to find a cute pair of closed toe shoes, but like always, we’ve got you covered:


Rager Shoes

 Tuxedo Shoes

Zora Shoes


A Light Sweater or Jacket

Once the sun goes down at night, it’s definitely going to get a little chilly outside and we don’t want to let the cold stop us. Bringing a light sweater or jacket is a simple way to ensure you’re prepared for when it starts getting dark out as it will be easy enough throw in a bag or tie around your waist. Here’s a few of our favourites that will be perfect to pair with any outfit:


Olivia L/S Oversize Jacket Mix


Always Truckin’ Jacket


Rylan Sweater

leather jacket

Heart Faux Leather Jacket


Our Festival Lookbook

If we’re being honest, half the fun of going to a festival comes from the fashion. Festivals are the perfect place to wear those fun pieces that you love, yet struggle to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. Festivals are truly a place where anything goes, so remember to have fun with your outfits and step outside of the box Hunnis! Here’s some of our favourite outfits and pieces that we think would be perfect for any festival you plan on attending this summer:

Photos taken at Westcoast Amusements

Blushing Heart Capri

Riley Blouse


Anastasia Dress


Layden L/S Ankle Dress


Boho Chic Skirt


We hope that this post has excited you all for the upcoming festival season and helped you in the beginning stages of your planning. Remember to show us your festival style this summer using the hashtag #hunnistyle and we’ll see you back here for another post next week!


-Remy, Sales Associate, Hunnis Langley

Photos by Miranda Anderson

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