A Nautical Lookbook

A timeless pattern I have mentioned time and time again is stripes. It is ageless, versatile, and not committed to any one season. The popularization of this alternating pattern is routed in nautical fashion, which was originally sported by sailors. Although we have previously associated stripes with floating out at sea and the maritime, stripes have become so normalized that we no longer need associate such patterns with the open ocean. For this post, I’ve attempted to show you a couple ways you can maintain the nautical influence while modernizing this style to fit the streets!


This first look has become a summer staple the past few years and is the most popular way to draw from nautical influences. The classic blue and white stripe has played a huge part in summer fashion especially when paired with the off-the-shoulder trend that is bound to make its rounds again in the coming months. The focus on blue and white draws directly from maritime uniforms and transposes the sense of freedom onto the outfit.


If you’re interested in something a little less casual, I created an outfit that is not quite fit to sail in, but still elicits a similar vibe. Part of the appeal of the maritime look is the vintage connotations that are paired with it. This red and white striped top allows for that retro feel that you might associate with vintage beachwear, while the draping olive trousers give a shout out to modernity. As a bonus, vertical stripes paired with long high waisted trousers adds length to the wearer.


I decided to retrograde further by pairing this striped button-up with a midi-dress. This look is based around an older and more conservative era to stay in tune with a more realistic depiction of the styles at the time. Granted, this is a much more modernized version nonetheless. I tied the bottom of the blouse to add dimension to the waist and create a more casual look. This flowy and casual pairing looks great in heavy breezes and reproduces the look of a carefree seaside stroller.


This last look is likely the most causal of the bunch, consisting of one piece of fabric for the whole body. This black and white striped romper is perfect for unpremeditated walks by the shore as the soft fabric can keep you cool while the shorts allow you to focus on other topics aside from the position of your skirt. Nautical inspired rompers are an upcoming summer trend that is both adorable and practical. Additionally, many women around the 40s wore maritime rompers near and by the sea.

Hopefully this lookbook gives you a couple ideas on how you can incorporate the idealization of the maritime into your streetwear!


-Gabby, Sales Associate, Hunnis Coquitlam

Photos by Miranda Anderson

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