Packing for a Summer Vacation

There’s two types of people out there when it comes to packing for a vacation, the ones that begin weeks ahead of time with a organized list of what they need to bring and the ones who decide to tackle this time consuming and daunting task the night before or even the morning of. If you find yourself to be one of the latter, then this is the post for you. Not sure what to bring and what to leave at home for your vacation this summer? Don’t worry Hunnis, with this guide to packing for a summer vacation, we’ve got you covered!

As much fun as a vacation is, there is a lot of preparation that goes into it which is admittedly not as fun as the vacation itself. When packing for a vacation it can often be difficult to know what to expect, especially with the constantly changing weather forecasts that we often get here in the Pacific Northwest. With summer break well underway, we thought it was time that we show you our favourite items to bring for a getaway, making your packing process that much easier!


What’s a summer vacation without a sunhat? When spending all of your time in the sunshine a sunhat is a necessity because the last thing any of us wants is for our vacation to come to an early end due to sunstroke or a nasty burn on top of your head! Not only is a sunhat a good item to have when it’s going to be hot and sunny, it can also be great to have if rain makes an appearance as it will protect your head and shoulders from getting wet. Packing a sunhat can be difficult, but if you fold up some of your clothing items and pack them inside and around the hat then there’s a less likely chance of it getting squished while you travel!


Novia Straw Hat

A Cute & Functional Bathing Suit

With its endless amount of lakes and beaches, British Columbia truly is the place to be during the summer. For those of us lucky enough to live in this beautiful province, our summer vacations tend to include a lot of time spent in or near the water. Here’s some of our favourite bathing suits that are both practical enough for any activities you may find yourself engaging in and cute enough for all of those amazing vacation photos you’ll be taking!


Horizon Stripe Top

Horizon Stripe Bottom

Premium Surf One Piece

Comfortable & Water Resistant Shoes

As stated above a lot of summer vacations around here involve some sort of beach or pool, making water resistant shoes something very nice to have with you! When you’re spending the day on a boat or beach, there’s nothing better than a pair of slides that are easily going to slip on and off while also remaining dry at the same time. Here’s our favourite pair of water resistant slides:


Available to shop in store!

Light Sweater

As hot as it may be during the day, the temperature is sure to drop as the night goes on. Not only is this light sweater an adorable addition to any outfit, it will also keep you warm as you sit around the fire and is super easy to throw over your shoulder or fold up and squish in your bag!


Remember Me Cardi

Versatile Shorts

When going on a vacation that is going to be both active and relaxing, it can be super tempting to overpack and bring outfits for every different occasion even though you’ll likely go home with most of them unworn. Shorts such as these are a great item to throw into your bag as they are cute enough to wear out, while also comfortable enough for going on a hike or any other fun summer activities you have planned!


Boca NW Shorts

Ava Cognac Shorts


When packing for a warm vacation, the first thing that always gravitate towards bringing is sundresses! They are easy to pack and won’t take up too much space in your bag, and also great to effortlessly throw over top of your bathing suit creating a look that’s comfortable and cute!


Meadow Dew Dress

Evie Dress

Bella Dress

Thanks for reading Hunnis, we hope you enjoyed this guide to packing for your upcoming summer vacation. Don’t forget to show your summer #hunnistyle on Instagram and Facebook!


Written by Remy Brayshaw

Photos by Miranda Anderson

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