A Guide To Festival Season

Aside from the obvious reasons for attending a music festival this summer, such as seeing your favourite artists perform live or spending the weekend dancing beneath the sunshine, one our favourite parts of festival season is of course, the outfits and style. In the world of music festivals, anything goes when it comes to fashion. This can be quite a daunting thought for many, but don’t worry Hunnis, that’s why we’re here! Every April festival season is kicked off at one of the world’s most popular and widely celebrated music festivals, Coachella. With weekend one behind us and weekend two only a few more days away, we thought it would be the perfect time to compile a guide on everything you need to know about this upcoming festival season.

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Hunni Hangouts: Our Favourite Cafes

It’s no secret that we love a cute cafe, and lucky enough for us there’s certainly no shortage of new places for us to try here in Vancouver. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to catch up with friends, a quiet place to work and study (or to pretend to work and study, as we all occasionally find ourselves doing), or just want a quality cup of coffee, these cafes are some you definitely won’t want to miss.

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Neutralizing Patterns

We tend to fall into the trap of basics, focusing on the simple and recombinable, rather than the statement. Our gravitation to items that are easy to throw on, are not made without merit, they timeless and neutral, leaving little doubt for its wear-ability. However, we’ve all had those moments when we find an outrageous or slightly out of our comfort zone piece that is that encourages a similar gravitation, but we pass on it thinking we could never style it. This is why I’ve decided show you a few ways that you can.

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March 2018

Another month has come and gone and here I am writing another what to do this month post. Make fun of me all you want for the cliche intro but I challenge you to come up with something creative and witty every month (seriously leave me a comment if you have any ideas.) Never the less, its March, and luckily for me there are a ton of things to do this month. Between spring break, St. Patricks day and Easter, we’ve got you covered, keep reading to find out what we will be doing this month!

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Super Food Series: Cacao

Hey Hunnis!

I am back with another recipe post, one of which I know is going to be a favourite. I have decided to tackle the topic of superfoods, if you have not heard of the superfood craze yet, you will now! Superfoods are foods that are extremely nutrient dense and are extremely beneficial for longevity and your wellbeing. Each superfood has distinct perks and assists your body in different ways, therefore I obviously need to make this a series to cover my favourites!

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Valentines Day Look Book

It’s coming around to that time of year that gives us an excuse to doll up and spend time with loved ones. Whether you’re going to dinner with a significant other or spending the night out with friends, Valentines day is an opportunity to spend the day roaming the streets and feeling your best.


Right Move Blouse

For the bolder and more experimental fashion connoisseurs, this outfit takes a loud and busy print, then tones it down to create casual yet sophisticated ensemble. The rambunctious vintage print is accentuated with ruffles and Victorian-inspired sleeves to create a statement item that can be styled to suit a variety of looks! I cinched the waist with a little grey asymmetric pencil skirt to add definition.


Smell The Roses Jacket

Simply Put Top

For those who shy from the traditional ideas of wearing a dress on Valentines day, or simply want to add a little warmth during the mid-winter, you can still look romantic and Valentines day-appropriate by playing with flirtatious colours, like red and pink. I styled this outfit around my absolute favourite light pink blazer coat whose long and structured shape creates movement in the overall basic outfit. Since I don’t want to draw attention away from the coat, I kept the rest of the outfit clean and neutral to compliment the pink, rather than distract from it. This button up respects the structure of the jacket while it’s shades of pink draw attention to the colour palette.


True Romance Blouse

The gingham print has left it’s mark the last few years as a staple spring/summer trend, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t break it out a few months in advance. The classic black and white check pattern connotes romanticism with it’s nostalgic summer vibe. The ruffles and baby-doll fit emphasizes femininity without seeming overly youthful. This can be worn as a top for taller wearers, or you can size up to style it as a dress!
Pro tip: A baby-doll dress is ideal for concealing the pound of pasta you’ll be ordering later.


Alexandra The Great Dress

As someone who just barely surpasses the five-foot mark, any opportunity to add height is beneficial. Vertical stripes are not only slimming but create length by concealing the beginning and end of the torso. This pink striped off-the-should dress is flirtatious with its open shoulder, but conservative with its sophisticated stripe pattern and long sleeves. I thought I’d accentuate the class of the dress by throwing a classic white duster to shield against the chill of winter!

Happy Valentines Day!

Gabby, Sales Associate, Hunnis Coquitlam

Images by Miranda Anderson 

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Girls Night In: Valentines Edition

Lets be real… Valentines day can be a struggle. Whether you are in a relationship, single or “its complicated” you are bound to feel the pressure. Now we might not always be Valentines days biggest fans either, but we do love a good excuse to have a girls night in. As mentioned in our “What to do this month” post for February, we think Valentines day is an amazing excuse to get all your girlfriends together (including the ones in relationships) and have an amazing, insta-worthy girls night in. We put pinterest to the test and put together our own DIY girls night and wanted to share all of these amazing ideas with you.

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February 2018

Between Valentines and Family day there are lots of opportunities in February to get out and have fun. Now whether you are in a relationship or not we think you should get out and take advantage of everything the month of love has to offer. To help inspire you, or maybe even give you some romantic date ideas, we’ve listed our top five favourite things to do this month with family, friends or a special someone.

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Happy Birthday Hunni Twins!

One of the perks of working for a locally owned shop is that you get to actually know your bosses. Danielle and Christi, the Hunni twins and mastermind behind the shop, are the sweetest bosses a girl could ask for. It’s not unusual for them to pop into the store and ask for our Starbucks orders, or for them to comment on our Instagram posts. Danielle even knows that I have an obsession with her Boston Terriers, and she’ll bring them by just so I can cuddle them. Job perk? I think so.
Today is Danielle and Christi’s birthday! We think they deserve to be celebrated, so we’ve dedicated this entire blog post to them. They met me for coffee and answered all of the classic “twin” questions, and more.

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Whats Trending? Winter 2018

Although we may not have attended any runway shows this season that doesn’t mean we can’t stay up on the trends. We love admiring runway fashion but it can be so hard to tackle high fashion trends in everyday life. Through lots of trial and error we have found a few ways to keep on trend without breaking the bank and without compromising personal style. To make it easier to navigate the world of fashion trends this season we’ve put together some of our favourite runway looks for Winter 2018 paired with examples of how to make them wearable. Let us know what you think and tell us your favourite 2018 trend so far in the comments below!

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