A Guide To Wedding Season

A Guide To Wedding Season

The season of weddings is upon us, and those of you who have received one or possibly multiple invitations to a wedding this summer may be starting to feel a bit of the stress that comes with being a guest. Weddings are typically events that come with great expectations, making each and every little detail of the big day very important. Including everything from what to wear to what to give, we’ve put together a brief guide to help you survive this wedding season.

What To Wear:

With so many different restrictions and unspoken rules regarding what you can and cannot wear to a wedding, planning an outfit for a wedding can become quite a daunting task. What you decide to wear can be dependent on so many different factors such as the type of wedding you’re attending, how close you are with those who are getting married and what the weather is like on the day, so here’s a few different looks that we think could be perfect for a wedding.


Emma Rose Romper

This adorable little romper is perfect if you’re attending a fancier, more glamorous wedding. The champagne colour and crystal embellishments on the front of this romper create an effortlessly sophisticated, yet fun and unique look. If you’re one of those girls who constantly finds themselves gravitating towards the dance floor, then this comfortable and dance floor appropriate outfit is definitely the one for you!


Day Glow Dress

By pairing this dress with a pair of cute and comfortable sandals, you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit to wear to an outdoor wedding. The coverage that this dress gives will protect your skin from the sunlight and bug bites while also creating an elegant and simple look that is perfectly fit for a more traditional and conventional wedding.


Available In Store Only 

For those of you attending a destination wedding, this floral maxi dress is likely an ideal outfit for you. The thin material of this dress makes it easy to fit in your suitcase without taking up too much room and will also keep you nice and cool while sitting in the warm weather. Destination weddings typically tend to be more casual, making this dress a great option as it’s easy to dress up or down with the right shoes and accessories.


What To Give:

Much like finding an outfit, finding a meaningful yet affordable gift can be a difficult task for many wedding guests. Home decor and appliances have always been a go to wedding gift for many, so here are a couple different ideas that might help your gift stand apart from the rest!


Available In Store Only

Jewellery truly is a girls best friend, so if you’re shopping for a bridal gift and can’t seem to think of anything else, remember you can never go wrong with some jewellery.  Since she’s getting married it can be assumed that she’s already received some sort of diamond, so here’s a couple of options that are likely to be a little different from everything she’s already received:


Addison Jumpsuit

Romp Stop

Lily Flutter Top

More often than not the newlyweds depart shortly after the wedding for a warm, tropical destination, so if you’re shopping for a bride who is going to be hopping on a plane to somewhere the sun is shining, a new outfit could be exactly what she needs. Here’s a few of our favourite pieces perfect for a tropical getaway:


*Available In Store Only*

Townsend Rowe Instagram

If you were hoping to stick to a more traditional gift such as home decor or appliances, you can do so while still being somewhat different at the same time. Townsend Rowe has been a favourite of ours for quite some time now and is perfect if you’re looking for a practical and classic gift. Their home decor is simple yet detailed and unique, making a gift from them both a useful and exciting addition to the couple’s home.


We hope this little guide to wedding season has helped you find some inspiration in what to wear and what to give. Thanks for reading Hunnis, check back soon for another new post!

Written by Remy, Sales Associate, Hunnis Langley

Photos by Miranda Anderson

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