June Lookbook

The month of June can be an exciting time of year for various different reasons. Not only does June mark the end of school and the beginning of summer, it can also be a month filled with many different celebrations such as Fathers Day and graduations. With such a busy and exciting month ahead of us, we thought we would put together a series of different outfits perfect for any activities or occasions you may find yourself in need of a new look for!


Whether it be from kindergarten, high school or university – June is the month of graduations and because every graduation comes with a ceremony, we’ve put together a few different outfits that will be perfect for any type of graduation ceremony you may be attending this month. This lightweight wrap dress is perfect for a summer graduation ceremony as the thin and breathable material of dress will keep you comfortable and cool throughout what will likely be quite a long day. Not only is this dress comfortable and practical, but the length of the dress also makes it elegant and formal as well.


Alanna Wrap Dress


Fathers Day

Whether you’re celebrating Fathers Day with a family brunch, a day out in the sunshine or a nice Sunday dinner, this dress will make the perfect outfit. The wrap detailing of this dress creates an elegant and sophisticated look while the material and length of the dress make it easy to dress up or down depending on the events your day will be consisting of. As Fathers Day occurring just before the summer season is set to begin, this pastel floral printed dress creates an effortless summer look that can easily be worn again throughout the season.


Devon 2/4 Wrap Dress


Beach Days & BBQ’s

With the end of school and the first real day of summer comes the beginning of the never ending summer activities. This little denim overall dress is a versatile piece that can be worn various different ways for many different summer events such as overtop of a bathing suit for a day spent at the beach or with a cute top and summer hat for a backyard barbeque. 


Mandy Short Dungaree Dress

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Written by Remy, Sales Associate, Hunnis Langley

Photos by Miranda Anderson

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